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Two Girls Get A Double Strapping (2022)

Película porno Two Girls Get A Double Strapping (2022) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Two Girls Get A Double Strapping
Año: 2022
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Amateur
Género: Amateur, Amateur Fetish, Clip Artists, Fetish, Fetish Clip Artists, Pro-Am, Spanking, Spanking – M on F, Universal Spanking, PELÍCULAS 2022
Sinopsis: Two Girls Get A Double Strapping. It could be said that double strapping is an incredibly difficult punishment to endure. A double strapping involves a Top on one side of a bottom and yet another Top on the other side, both trading turns to apply the strap to a vulnerable behind. In this situation, Kitti and Samantha (Storm) had both been displaying attitude problems and showcasing signs of pure defiance. True Discipline was also in town and offered to assist Mr. Prescott with a very efficient and double strapping! Both girls were placed side by side on the bed and each took 20 strap strokes per turn until they showed remorse. Both take their double strappings with their cute bottoms clothed, then in panties, and when they finally feel the full burn of two straps rapidly pounding their tender bottoms with their panties pulled down! These girls feel the burn of a sizzling strapping and as often happens, they both feel regret once the punishment starts all the way until the final stroke is applied..

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