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The Paddling That You Deserve (2016)

Película porno The Paddling That You Deserve (2016) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: The Paddling That You Deserve
Año: 2016
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Age
Starring: Samantha Storm, …
Género: Age, Amateur, Amateur Fetish, Clip Artists, College, Fetish, Fetish Clip Artists, Pro-Am, Spanking, Spanking – M on F, Universal Spanking, PELÍCULAS 2016
Sinopsis: The Paddling That You Deserve. It can become frustrating when a smart college girl let’s herself get behind on her homework continuously while also becoming a behavioral problem in her classes. Sometimes it’s just about growing up some, and corporal punishment can certainly be a motivator. This spanking punishment starts out with several hard swats with the wooden paddle to the behind without being warmed up! After the paddling a Canadian Prison Strap is applied to the bare behind of Samantha Storm, she struggles with the pain, but she knows that this spanking will do her some good. You will also see a lot more painful strapping on her ass and her thighs, a very hard caning, and stinging licks to the front of the thighs with a thin paddle, strap, and a short cane (the colors and marks are divine). You can also look forward to two bonus scenes that show extended caning action to the bare ass and the front of the thighs!.

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