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Surprising The Wife (2019)

Película porno Surprising The Wife (2019) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Surprising The Wife
Año: 2019
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Age
Starring: Alberto Blanco, Bio, Carmen Caliente, Curious Judas, Dee Williams, Dick Chibbles, Eric Masterson, Lucas Frost, Seth Gamble, Silvia Saige, …
Género: Age, Appearance, Big Tits, Character, Erotic Vignette, Family Roleplay, Feature, Massage, Massage Parlor, MILF, Niche, Oiled, Plot Oriented, Popular with Women, Settings, Short Hair & Pixie, Wives, Fantasy Massage, PELÍCULAS 2019
Sinopsis: Surprising The WifeEric Masterson and Carmen Caliente, husband and wife, sit together in a massage parlor waiting room. They talk quietly amongst themselves, all smiles as they exchange sweet, affectionate touches. Their knees touch often, and they enjoy holding each other’s hands and stealing sneaky kisses when they think no one’s watching. Carmen tells Eric that it’s very sweet of him to get a massage as an anniversary gift. He playfully tells her that she deserves it, especially after being so patient about his — you know — for so many years. She tenderly touches his cheek and says that she will always love him, no matter what he can or can’t give her. Eric tells her the feeling’s mutual and that he just wants their anniversary to be extra special. Alberto Blanco, the masseur, appears, introducing himself with a smile, then invites them to follow him into the private room. Carmen brightens even more as she links arms with Eric to follow after Alberto. She asks Eric if he planned a couple’s massage. He gives her a mysterious smile and says it’s something like that. Once they are in the private room and told to undress, Eric informs Carmen that the massage is for her alone — he’s happy just watching. She’s uncertain at first but Eric assures her that he’s going to be nearby. With her husband’s encouragement, she undresses, making herself comfortable facedown on the massage table. Alberto begins the massage, making Carmen feel good and relaxed. Once Carmen is mellow, Eric exchanges a knowing look with Alberto and nods. Alberto smiles back at him, then begins turning the innocent massage into a more sexual one, caressing Carmen’s pussy. Carmen is alarmed at first but Eric soothes her, insisting that having fun with Alberto is part of the experience. He wants her to let loose and have some fun. Although Carmen’s a bit hesitant at first, she’s so touched by Eric’s gesture that she allows herself to live in the moment. Once Alberto strips down, Carmen goes down on him, getting his cock good and slippery while Eric watches on. She then makes eye contact with Eric as Alberto moves behind her and slides his cock into her wet pussy. Carmen is completely blissed out as she’s pounded by Alberto in front of her loving husband. The fun’s only just started and Carmen already can’t wait for the next gift-giving occasion!Dee Williams welcomes her son-in-law, Lucas Frost, into the house, although is curious where her daughter is. Lucas says she’s late, like usual, but he got off early since one of his patients canceled on him. It’s not really good for the patient, though, since she’s due for a breast exam… Even so, he loves being a doctor, even if the days are long. Dee is happy to have such a charming humanitarian in the family. She has to admit, though, it’s been a few years since she’s had a breast exam and she’s a little nervous. Lucas is concerned for her, saying he could perform one since they have time before dinner. While Dee is interested, wouldn’t it be awkward since he’s her son-in-law? Lucas is casual as he says it’s a professional procedure — he does this every day! Dee agrees and Lucas innocently suggests going to her bedroom since she needs to lay flat for the exam. Once they arrive in the bedroom, Dee fetches some massage oils that Lucas can use for the examination. After she makes herself comfortable and removes her shirt, Lucas begins the process. He is nothing but polite and professional as he massages her gorgeous breasts, although they both become more and more aroused with each passing minute. So much so that, after the examination is complete and she’s found to be in sound health, Dee suddenly captures Lucas’ lips in a passionate kiss. They’re unable to escape their lust for one another now, caught in the heat of the moment as Dee eagerly moves on from kissing Lucas’ lips to sucking his cock. It isn’t long before she’s taking that cock into her pussy, experiencing for herself what her daughter always gets to enjoy.Dick Chibbles is about to head out for a weekend trip while his son, Seth Gamble, and wife, Silvia Saige, see him off. Dick tells Seth to take good care of Silvia while he’s away, which Seth promises to do, then takes his leave. However, little does he know, Seth’s idea of taking good care of Silvia differs SLIGHTLY from his own…As soon as they’re alone, Seth retreats to the master bedroom and creates a romantic oasis, complete with candles and music. He’s always had a thing for his step-mom and now that his dad is away, it’s his chance to finally have her. However, he has to warm Silvia up first, starting with a relaxing massage. Although Silvia’s suspicious that he wants something from her, he smooth talks her into accepting.As Seth massages Silvia, the tension between them gradually builds until Seth admits that he wants more. He wants to give Silvia the attention that his dad doesn’t — she deserves it! Although Silvia’s hesitant, Seth is so sincere and attentive that she can’t deny him for long. When Seth tries to seal the deal with a tender kiss, Silvia gives in and lets loose.Silvia readily goes down on Seth’s cock, eager to take it inside her mouth and pussy, taking advantage of this rare opportunity. Although Seth is over the moon, their passion is short-lived when Dick unexpectedly returns home early after his trip was cancelled! Although Silvia tries to get Seth to hide, he seems to have other ideas… It seems like Seth WANTS them to get caught, but why??

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