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Sis Loves Me 13 (2024)

Película porno Sis Loves Me 13 (2024) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Sis Loves Me 13
Año: 2024
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Family Affairs
Starring: Alex Jett, Jay Rock, Macy Meadows, Sera Ryder, Tana Waters, Veronica Vella, …
Género: Family Affairs, Crave Media, PELÍCULAS 2024, ESTRENOS
Sinopsis: Scene 1 – She Loves EroticaI’m not good at school, and with this big test coming up, I’m going to be totally fucked if my nerdy stepsister Sera Ryder doesn’t help me out. But when the stubborn girl won’t budge, I steal her glasses to make her pay! The only way I’m giving them back is if she sucks my thick cock. Turns out, she’s not as prude as I thought she was. And when I catch her reading an erotic book, she shows me some of the filthy things she’s been learning. A couple days later, I show my stepsister that I passed the big test with flying colors, and she rewards me with a cock ride that completely drains my balls.Scene 2 – Lost Her MemoryMy stepsister Macy Meadows can be a real klutz sometimes, but when she slips and bumps her head, I’m a little worried about her. She can’t seem to remember that I’m her stepbrother, so I tell her I’m her boyfriend and give her an extra intimate massage. A couple days later, I convince her to stay in with me and ride my cock until she squirts all over the floor. But when her memory finally comes back, Macy doesn’t seem to care much that she’s been fucking around with her stepbrother this whole time. In fact, she seems to like it…Scene 3 – My Stepsis Is CuriousMy stepsister, Tana Waters, has always been a little nosy, but when I catch her sneaking around my room and fingering my pocket pussy, she’s taken it too far. I try to get it back, but she drops it on the floor and breaks it! I guess Tana’s going to have to suck my cock to make up for it. I love her blowjob skills so much that I can’t help but shove my mouth in her cock while she’s resting a couple days later. And when she buys me a brand-new pocket pussy, she lets me fuck the new toy and then slide my cock in her juicy slit. What a girl…Scene 4 – Plan BMy stepsister, Veronica Vella, is always getting into trouble, but when I find a positive pregnancy test lying around our bathroom, she’s gone too far. She doesn’t want anyone to find out, so she agrees to choke on my veiny dick to keep me quiet. Then, when she needs a ride to the clinic to find out whether she’s really pregnant or not, she lets me slip my throbbing boner inside her tight pussy. Lucky for everybody, when my stepsister finally sees some professionals, she finds out she’s not pregnant after all. To celebrate, we fuck one last time, and I cover her ass in cum.

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