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Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3 (2013)

Película porno Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3 (2013) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3
Año: 2013
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Evasive Angles
Starring: Alejandra, Daniela, Evolet, Kika, Rosario, Sandra, Sofia, Tatiana, …
Género: All Girl, All Sex, Gonzo, Latin, Lesbians, Mature, MILF, PELÍCULAS 2013
Sinopsis: Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3
Latinas love sticking together no matter how they do it. In this Love Kitty flick, Latin mother and daughter exchange these seductive and passionate Latinas are not only there for each other, they want to be inside of each other. These chicks take loyalty to the next level as they exchange sweet pussy juice and orgasms together. You can feel the love so strongly, you will want to join in all the fun! Sophia and Tatiana are a sweet couple who are tender lovers but then we have a wild contrast with Sandra and her little sex slave Kika. When you see how strong Sandra is and the way she takes Kika’s little wet pussy, well, you will love it!


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