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Home Movies 1 (2023)

Película porno Home Movies 1 (2023) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Home Movies 1
Año: 2023
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Amateur
Starring:   Ravyn Alexa, Heavy, …
Género: Amateur, BDSM, Bondage, Femdom – F on M, Femdom (Female Domination), Fetish, Handjob F on M, Hardtied Bondage, Homemade Movies, Masturbation, Collective Corruption, PELÍCULAS 2023
Sinopsis: Home Movies Volume 1Even good boys deserve to be encased in leather and made to cum at the hands of a firm Mistress. Watch me encase Heavy in a gorgeous leather mask, that lets in no light and no sound, and then into a heavy leather body sack! I tease his cock until he shoots ropes of cum onto the leather and then I continue to overstimulate him until he tries to wiggle away. Stroke your cock, or rub your pussy, to the beautiful sounds of him straining against his leather bonds!It is time for Heavy to prepare himself for Ravyn’s arrival. An offering, a sacrifice, a ready and willing captive. Thoroughly and meticulously he devises his own demise. Starting by placing and prepping restraints around the pole in which he plans to inescapably lock himself to. He binds his cock and balls with a thin strip of scrap leather, anchoring them to the pole behind. As for his senses, first, a spandex hood goes over his head. Followed by stuffing his mouth with a bandana, and cleave-gagging with another. To seal it all in, he then wraps layer upon layer of duct tape around both his eyes and mouth. Making any and all potential protests into mere, muffled moans. Lastly, is a leather blindfold atop it all. He quickly moves to solidify his imprisonment, and locks his ankles together around the pole. And without hesitation, locks his wrists behind his back and around the pole as well. Now, he is completely at the mercy of Ravyn. He simply has no way of ever escaping without her assistance, and we all know she plans to keep him for quite some time. As she steps in, she looks over her new prize. Examining its predicament, and taunting his hard cock. Knowing despite how fucked he may be, this is what he lives for. She ties a bandana around his neck to even further restrict his movement. Tormenting and tugging on its balls throughout, she eventually him to cum with a hitachi. Collecting said cum in a jar for later. What will she do with him next? Will Heavy ever be set free? Or will he be Ravyn’s captive forever? I mean, what say does he have in the matter at this point?

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