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Gary’s Angels Chapter 3 (2023)

Película porno Gary’s Angels Chapter 3 (2023) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Gary’s Angels Chapter 3
Año: 2023
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: 50+
Starring:   Auntie Trisha, Savana, …
Género: 50+, Age, Amateur, Appearance, Big Tits, British, Erotic Vignette, Ethnic, European, Homemade Movies, International, Lesbian, Lesbian – Mature, Mature, Plot Oriented, Sex Toy Play, Sex Toy Play – F on F, Mature British Lesbians, PELÍCULAS 2023, ESTRENOS
Sinopsis: Gary’s Angels Chapter 3. After a long day of crime busting and finally capturing The Arch Villain Big Frank, Garys Angels, Trisha & Savana settle down in the Lounge with some refreshments and complement themselves on a good days work, they kiss then start to fondle each others breasts, then there’s a knock on the door and Savana jumps up to answer it, It is a courier with a 2 parcels for the girls, Savana signs for them and brings them back into the lounge where they open them, one parcel contains shiny red leotards the same colour as their uniforms but long sleeved and no leg coverings, but there’s some tights, there’s also two red skirts! They are intrigued but realise these are from the Police Commissioner and help each other out of their uniforms and help each other into the leotards and then put on the skirts, the other parcel contains corn on the cob dildos!! One vibrating and one not, but very soft and two new thrusting vibrators, they are concerned at who would send the dildos to them? A nasty criminal trying to give them a STD in revenge. But there’s a note inside and they discover the toys are from their No 1 Fan Naughty Nick, they inspect them and decide to try them out as they have had such a hard day and they look so exciting so they head to the bedroom to try them out First, they hug and kiss each other and are soon fondling each others breasts, next they remove their skirts then Savana unzips Trishas leotard and starts to rub her pussy but cant get access so she cuts a hole in the tights then fingers and sucks her juicy pussy before getting to work with the yellow sweet corn vibrator which slides in effortlessly and she soon reaches orgasm but she wants more so bends over and savanna fucks her with the thrusting vibrator doggy style until once again she reaches a climax. Savanas turn next and after cutting a hole in her tights Trisha slowly slides the soft corn on the cob dildo into her wet pussy and she soon reaches orgasm and they both lick all the juices off of it before Savana bends over and Trisha fucks her from behind with the thrusting vibrator, Savana moans with pleasure as she reaches another orgasm, after all that fun they settle down and enjoy a glass of .. The Dirty Doctor.

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