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Devil in A Wet T Shirt (1995)

Película porno Devil in A Wet T Shirt (1995) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Devil in A Wet T Shirt
Año: 1995
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: ’90s
Starring: Alex Sanders, Bio, Brooke Waters, General Lee, Jessica Lange, John Decker, Kaitlyn Ashley, Kim Kummings, Kyle Stone, Levi Grey, Menaja, Mitchell Spinelli, Nici Sterling, Nikki Sinn, Randi Storm, Sahara Sands, Selena, Shelby Stevens, …
Género: ’90s, Anal, Character, Classic, Couples, Feature, Group Sex, Orgy, Plot Oriented, Stripping, HEATWAVE, PELÍCULAS 1995
Sinopsis: What’s Slippery and Horny?. What’s Slippery and Horny?. Sterling Pictures is proud to present a tender story of Love, Hope…and Wet T-shirts! This is one contest with a difference, as seven dripping chicks battle it out for the title. They’ll do anything to persuade the judges: In fact, there’s nothing that’s beyond their reach. So if you’re sitting at the bar bored, join Nici and her pals! You’re in for a treat..

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