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Der Teufel tragt High Heels (2023)

Película porno Der Teufel tragt High Heels (2023) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Der Teufel tragt High Heels
Año: 2023
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Affairs
Starring: Bio, Bonny Bon, Daria Glower, Dieter Von Stein, Electra Angels, Maria Bellucci, Roxy Panther, Titus Steel, Totti, …
Género: Affairs, Anal, Appearance, Big Dicks, Clothing, German Language, High Heels, Language, Love Triangles, Pantyhose, Plot Oriented, Stockings, Erotic Planet, PELÍCULAS 2023
Sinopsis: Der Teufel tragt High Heels. The pretty Andrea, a young woman who enjoys sucking and is also open to anal, applies for the job of private secretary to the equally arrogant and plump-chested Miranda, the boss of a world-famous fashion magazine. The company is full of conceited monkeys, all dancing to the tune of their smug goddess Miranda. As in almost every good company, internal affairs are the order of the day here. Chief secretary Emilie, a sperm-hungry little bush cunt, unabashedly spreads her legs on her desk for her bi-sexual colleague Dieter. Design assistant Roxy shows off her taste and sucks fervently on busty Peggy’s tits before the slightly snobbish juice-snatches shamelessly let their nimble tongues run wild in each other’s wetlands. Our ambitious heroine Andrea, on the other hand, is so busy with her job by her eccentric new boss that her private life falls by the wayside and her friend Titus ends up in bed with the sex-crazed, blonde Maria. However, the climax of the first part of this gripping trilogy is created by the arrogant “Number One” personally. Secretly observed by Andrea, Miranda, dressed up in high heels and a very hot corsage, lets the call boy Otto stuff the control stick all the way down her throat. Have fun!.

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