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Danish Films 1007 – Oversexed Author (1976)

Película porno Danish Films 1007 – Oversexed Author (1976) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Danish Films 1007 – Oversexed Author
Año: 1976
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: ’70s
Starring: Annette Haven, Linda Wong, …
Género: ’70s, Appearance, Asian, Classic, Ethnic, International, Interracial, Interracial – Asian Girls, Interracial – Caucasian Girls, Lesbian, Lesbian – Interracial, Redheads, Sex Toy Play, Sex Toy Play – F on F, Vintage Porn, Alpha Beta Media, PELÍCULAS 1976
Sinopsis: Danish Films 1007 – Oversexed Author. Number 1007 from Danish Films. A slinky, sexy Oriental girl who lives in a magnificant mansion, is actuall a prize winning writer who is interviewing people for a position as her secretary. One of the applicants is a willowy redhead whose figure practically bursts with appeal. Her seductive appearance is not lost on the writer who spares no time in making her intentions known. The secretary is not shocked by her proposal. Slowly and erotically they undress each other and begin to explore the erogenous areas they have already stimulated.It’s now apparent that this is to be no holds barred lesbian orgy, and the two horny girls go at each other with nothing but unrestrained pleasure in mind! This is a mind-boggling orgy for the serious collector..

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