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Burning Her Bridges (2018)

Película porno Burning Her Bridges (2018) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Burning Her Bridges
Año: 2018
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Amateur
Starring: Cheshire, …
Género: Amateur, Amateur Fetish, Asian, BDSM, Clip Artists, Domination, Ethnic, Fetish, Fetish Clip Artists, International, Interracial, Interracial – Asian Girls, Interracial – Caucasian Men, Pro-Am, Spanking, Spanking – M on F, Universal Spanking, PELÍCULAS 2018
Sinopsis: Burning Her Bridges. Cheshire Smiles doesn’t know it yet, but soon she will go through the most harsh and humiliating experience of her life. You see, she loves being the popular girl, the one who buys all of the drinks, the one being adored at the club on a Saturday nights.. Unfortunately for her though, her desire to be the coolest girl in the room left her with large and unpaid tab. As we see here, there comes a time to pay,…and if Cheshire doesn’t produce the money that she owes she’s going to have to pay another way!. Sure enough, Cheshire has burned many bridges and has been spending money wildly, there seems to be no one to borrow from during a time when she needs the help the most. There’s no way out of this situation, Cheshire is going to have to take hard spankings from club management!! She never saw her irresponsible and partying ways leading to this, then again she didn’t ever tend to look that far ahead.. Cheshire’s debt begins to be repaid when she is laid across a spanking horse and her bottom is furiously spanked over her short and sexy club dress. Soon her dress is lifted and the corporal punishment continues, stinging her bare cheeks with only a little thong providing any modesty. Next, a harsh piece of long leather is applied to Cheshire’s bottom and she begins to moan out, unfortunately for her this is just the beginning and she’s going to be required to pay her debt in full.. A reformatory strap is then used, followed by the strokes of a thick billet strap, she can feel her bottom swelling up, and there’s simply nothing that she can do other than to take the licks!. The worst is yet to come though as Cheshire is stripped fully naked, her sore and sizzling hot bottom exposed for further punishment. A heavy three fingered strap is used to elicit genuine pleading along with a prison strap, but her moans fall on deaf ears.. Finally, a long lexan paddle with holes and a solid jokari paddle with holes are applied to Cheshire’s bare bottom. She had heard about swats before, but never experienced them,…too bad for her as a few swats growing up for discipline may have prevented her being in this situation.. The paddling turned this hard partier into a remorseful and tearful girl, we can only hope that she becomes more responsible after this and that she doesn’t start a new tab!!!.

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