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Bed Of Roses (1998)

Película porno Bed Of Roses (1998) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Bed Of Roses
Año: 1998
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: ’90s
Starring: Bio, Brooke April, Dave Hardman, Dee Baker, Ember Haze, James Bonn, Lauren Montgomery, Liza Harper, Rob, Roxanne Hall, …
Género: ’90s, Affairs, Anal, Classic, Classic Plot, Couples, Feature, Love Triangles, Plot Oriented, Popular with Women, HEATWAVE, PELÍCULAS 1998
Sinopsis: Bed Of Roses. A spoiled Beverly Hills wife (Lauren Montgomery) has been putting up with her husband’s indiscretions far too long. Now it’s time for sexual payback!. First, she has a scorching fling with her best friend (Roxanne Hall). Once her fires are lit, she can’t help stop! Luckily her Gardner (James Bonn) has all the right tools.. The husband, (Dave Hardman) is a plastic surgeon who specializes in boob jobs. Boy are his hands full! Ember and Dee require his expert care, and they’ll bend over backwards to negotiate his fees!. After the Gardner has his wicked ways with a horny motel clerk (Lisa Harper) he realizes that he prefers his nasty Beverly Hills brat, so he swings back uptown to water her bush..

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