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American Spankers (2016)

Película porno American Spankers (2016) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: American Spankers
Año: 2016
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: Amateur
Starring: Samantha Storm, …
Género: Amateur, Amateur Fetish, Clip Artists, Fetish, Fetish Clip Artists, Pro-Am, Spanking, Spanking – M on F, Universal Spanking, PELÍCULAS 2016
Sinopsis: American Spankers. Samantha decided that the best thing that she could do for herself was to take a job for the summer. After careful consideration she applied to a busy shop that buys and sells antiques and other auction goods. What she didn’t count on is that she’d have to actually work, and when she didn’t keep up with the cleaning around the shop and her shipping duties the owner decided to deliver a hard spanking punishment. Samantha is given a hard hand spanking to start the punishment and this leads into a thorough strapping! She takes the riding crop next and then unfortunately she has to submit to searing strokes from two different canes. To add more pain and humiliation, Samantha is given a unique and stingy rubber band punishment on her bare breasts!!! Look for a bonus scene at the end of the movie featuring the rubber strap being applied to her already sore and welted butt..

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