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Am I Smart Now? (2009)

Película porno Am I Smart Now? (2009) XXX Gratis

Titulo Original: Am I Smart Now?
Año: 2009
Idioma: Ingles
Estudio: ’90s
Género: ’90s, Athletes, BDSM, Character, Classic, Femdom – F on M, Femdom (Female Domination), Fetish, Wrestling & Fighting, Joan Wise Productions, PELÍCULAS 2009
Sinopsis: Am I Smart Now?. Fans of Jessica clamored for more after her smashing victory of Donny, and are they ever going to be turned on as she destroys young, slim Rob who is handsome and arrogant. Sexy as hell, the young college girl proves she is as mean as any Jaguar lady as her outrageous legs and ass engulf, devour and tease her struggling foe. Super domination, head scissors and face sitting, and when Jessica yanks poor Rob’s head into her gorgeous crotch, you know she means business as she punishes him mercilessly. Not content, she proceeds to kick, stomp, ride, grab vital parts and wreak havoc as she put poor Rob away for good..

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