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Official Boyz N The Hood Parody

Película porno Official Boyz N The Hood Parody XXX Gratis

Titulo: Official Boyz N The Hood Parody
Idioma: INGLES
Duración: 02:15:42
Official Boyz In The Hood Parody: It`s the hot summer of 1990 in South Central Los Angeles where three young homies dream about escaping the ghetto and getting a whole lot of pussy. Football hero Tricky can`t keep his pants on for his live-in hottie Chanice while his Momma is getting it on with Fabulous Styles. His gangsta brother Doughkid gets tangled up between Baby Boo and Fancy which sparks a gang rivalry that escalates out of control. Meanwhile the only one not getting any poon is Deuce who finally gets his `Candi` after the whole neighborhood witnesses the gang rivals hugging it out.


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