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Hacelement sexuel

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Titulo: Hacelement sexuel
Idioma: INGLES
Duración: 01:42:26
In this company, all employees are magnificent creatures offering themselves daily to their lustful colleagues. Chloe, an employee of a multinational company, was asked by the Director himself to audit Walter’s department, a businessman renowned for his perversion towards his young and beautiful assistants. The pretty blonde is only just about to discover what is in store for her… Surrounded by his secretary and his trainee, Walter never gets bored. Julie and Sophia, the redhead and brunette bombshells with huge boobs, seek the advances of theirboss by showing off their shapely bodies and lingerie under his nose. With such provocation, Walter gives free rein to his desires for sex play and debauchery. Thanks to the company’s surveillance cameras, Chloe quickly discovers that people in the company fuck at all hours of the day. Wet blowjobs, frantic doggy-style, multiple orgasms, etc. From the IT department to the boardroom, day and night, Alix, Sabrina, Alice and others throw themselves into sex games wholeheartedly to the delight of Chloe and her voyeuristic tendencies. For it would seem that the lovely young Chloe also has a few unspoken secrets to hide…
Harcelement Sexuel (2015)(Marc Dorcel)


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