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En la Puta Vida – In This Tricky Life

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En la Puta Vida - In This Tricky Life

En la Puta Vida – In This Tricky Life

Titulo de la película porno: En la Puta Vida – In This Tricky Life

Reparto: Actores Porno y Actrices porno

Productora: XXX
Idioma: Español
Año: 2001
Género: All Sex
Duración: 96 minutos
Sinopsis: Breve descripción de la película: This is the story of Elisa , whose dream is to build a hairdresser in Montevideo. Without resources and with two children to take care begins to work as an escort and prostitute soon becomes . When she meets and falls for Placido pimp all your dreams seem attainable. Elisa with her boyfriend and her friend Lulu traveling to Europe and settled in Barcelona as illegal immigrants hoping to win “thousands of dollars ” . But the disappointments are constantly has to work on the street as a prostitute and her boyfriend abused prostitutes fights between Uruguayan and Brazilian transvestites increase . Lulu ‘s death in a shootout makes Elisa must make an important decision between his loyalty to Placido idealized and the harsh reality which assumes its collaboration with a cop with a good heart . This decision is made easier for Elisa when she learns that her children have been placed in an orphanage because Placido never sent money to keep them just as promised .


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